The Total Transformation Program Reviews


The Total Transformation Program Reviews

I have worked with children in child care centers for over 20 years and regularly meet parents who have asked my advice on dealing with problem children. Reading between the lines, I get the feeling they are scared, frustrated, exhausted, isolated and fed up and often do not know what to do.

I have researched behavior problems with children and tried a number of programs and the Total Transformation Program reviews recently came to my attention. When I visited their website, I found a ton of positive reviews.

The truth is, there’s no end of products out there today that promise help with problem children… and some become really talked about not because they are any good, but because they have thousands of people selling these products for them.

This creates a giant cloud of smoke where it’s hard to get the facts about a product because every man and his dog is actually trying to sell you something. I have no problem with this, IF the product IS actually worth buying. So, instead of wasting any more time, I decided to see for myself whether James Lehman’s, The Total Transformation Program reviews is all that it has cracked up to be.

So, let’s dive right in…


The program is presented in a well laid out folder containing the following:-

  • 116 page program workbook
  • Jump Start DVD
  • Parent’s Workshop DVD- Live Parenting Seminar
  • 7 audio CDs – Why Does My Child Act This Way, Why Won’t My Child Listen to Me, Breaking Through, Transformational Tools, Understanding Faulty Thinking, What to Do After Your Child Acts Out, How to Stop It Before It Starts
  • The program also included a bonus CD – The One-Minute Transformation which provides 10 ways to turn around children’s attitudes in one minute or less.

There’s obviously a lot of value packed in here, but before I start singing it’s praises, the only thing that actually matters is the actual quality of info inside. So with that in mind, let’s step into the world of managing challenging behaviors.

The Total Transformation Program reviews

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I have worked in the childcare sector for many years and this program appealed to me because I’m always on the lookout for techniques etc. to deal with difficult children.

James Lehman has plenty of personal experience dealing with defiant behaviors, because as a child, he was abandoned by his parents when he was just 3 years of age. I’ve always admired people who faced with challenges have beaten the odds and this appealed to me when I first heard about the program. In my opinion, there is no substitute for personal experience and James has been through this himself.

When I received the program in the post, I was very impressed with the quality of presentation and the number of CDs and DVDs. The program workbook that you receive includes an easy to follow list of what to do first, making it easy to get into the program. Each audio lesson provides clear and concise information on how to deal with a particular problem, which I found very useful. I initially listened to the Jump Start DVD and was immediately convinced that this program was worth a closer look.

I also noticed immediately that there is a telephone support line available and I was very impressed by this. It seems to me that this would be invaluable to parents looking for solutions who have queries whilst working through the program.

It was also a nice change to be able to see parents and children being taught the techniques and hearing the results they achieved. I like learning resources that can be read, viewed and listened to and this program enables you to do that.

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Encouraging Words

There’s The One-Minute Transformation audio CD and Jump Start DVD which will get you prepped up before you actually get into specifics.

Personally, I feel this is a good thing because it really puts you in the right frame of mind for getting the most out of this program. Again, it’s clear from listening and watching that James Lehman is determined to make this work for you, by making sure you take action and follow his program.

As he states in The One-Minute Transformation “I am going to show you 10 techniques that will take one minute or less that will turn your child’s attitude around.”

This was the much needed prep talk that I was looking for, so let’s move on…

A Child Carer’s Viewpoint

As a child care worker who deals with challenging behavior I found this program very rewarding and learnt a lot from working through the CDs, DVDs and workbook. In a short period of applying the techniques, the children were much better behaved and the atmosphere was quiet and relatively peaceful.

The children were more respectful and understood what their boundaries were. James Lehman taught me how to assume control and teach the children to be responsible for their own actions, which to me is very valuable when working with children, regardless of whether you are a parent or carer.

As I began to work through the different techniques I realized how important it was to take it step by step and work through the program at a comfortable pace and not rush to get it finished. In each audio presentation there are very simple and constructive ways presented which I found worked for me. It is clear from the start that James Lehman has the experience to make this work for you, provided you make the effort to work through the techniques.

Innovative Techniques to Deal with Challenging Behaviors

For me, one of the highlights of the program was when James pointed out that the child is accountable for their own actions and not the parent. He gives you the tools to teach them to be responsible for their own actions.

Another area of this program that I found particularly beneficial was the techniques that were shared on how to prevent back talking and cursing no matter how nasty your child gets. I have experienced this a lot in childcare and parents regularly share with me that this is an annoying problem.

I have always used a positive approach when dealing with children, but there are times when this is easier said than done. James provides you with simple directions and a number of tools to disconnect yourself from the banter of the child, therefore assuming control.

My personal favorite included in the workbook was 27 reminder cards that make behavior management tools even simpler to use. Two cards are provided for each technique which are perforated so you can easily detach them and have them handy whenever they are needed. I will definitely be making use of these reminder cards the next time I take children out and the challenging behavior starts.

You are likely to find some lessons more challenging than others depending on the area(s) of difficulty with your child, but I feel that you will be amazed by how easy it is to handle by just working through the lessons and workbook.

And of course, no good product is without its fair share of real life customer testimonials too. There’s an overwhelming amount of testimonials on The Total Transformation Program, which certainly does remove a lot of the usual skepticism about these sorts of programs that I personally had in the past.

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Bad Points

Sadly, if you are not located in the United States or Canada, then you will be unable to purchase the Total Transformation Program.

One of the things that put me off to begin with was the sheer volume of information to get through. I am one of these people who likes to get stuck in right away and it required quite a bit of patience to go through one step at a time. James Lehman recommends taking one lesson each week which I found hard to discipline myself with.

As a child care worker a lot of the techniques presented were not new to me. However, I also must say that it’s more to do with how the teaching is presented with written, audio and visual content, so

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I am not sure it it’s fair to slate the program on that basis alone.

There is a lot to learn and plenty of homework to do and depending on the behavior issue(s) you are facing, you may face some challenging times.

Good Points

I would have to say this is one of the best programs I have come across when it comes to dealing with children’s behavior, as it deals with the core issues and the problems. In my experience too many solutions focus on a quick fix which is often temporary because they fail to address the cause.

It gives both the parent and child the chance to improve, see for themselves what they need to do and how to deal with the problems that they face.

The techniques are simple and easy to follow and you also have the option of phone support if you need it. It could prove invaluable when working through this program to have someone to talk to when you need support.

Who’s It Right For?

I think this product is suited to people with the drive to improve the quality of their relationship with their children and you will need to have a genuine desire to accomplish this.

If you are looking for an ebook or something that you can read, then I would probably advise you to steer clear because the program also includes audio and visual resources.

For those willing to apply themselves and give themselves a chance to change their lives, then this program is truly the most comprehensive and solid advice for managing challenging behaviors all round.

Of course, once you embark on the road to changing your life as a parent for the better, you’ll not only feel great mentally but you’ll also enjoy a far better relationship with your children.


The Total Transformation Program is not for the feint of heart. Do not buy this program if you’re not prepared to change your old ways.

The fact is, this program contains so much content that you could spend days reading, listening and viewing it before even getting started. But the truth is that even from the very first lesson where James explains why your child acts this way, you just know that not only are you about to learn some fundamental lessons that will allow you to manage challenging behaviors with your children, but you’re also going to learn things that will stay with you for life.

In other words, this isn’t just some quick fix book on “dealing with difficult children”. This is a total U-Turn on what you thought you knew about problem children, along with one of the most comprehensive plans to working out the right way, not the hard way.

Having worked through the program I have had the opportunity to put it into practice in childcare centers where I work. I have been totally amazed by the results that I have obtained whilst dealing with difficult children. I admit I will probably not apply everything James teaches because there is a lot of information to take in. Having said that, it leaves about 95% of the program that I can still do.

The main benefit I found was how to teach children to be accountable for their actions and take to responsibility and to accept the consequences if they are unable to do this.

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Note: I am an affiliate of Legacy Publishing because I believe in the program. I published this review after working through the entire program and the techniques presented.